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Colors of a Diamond by Isaac Topic: Information
A lot of people have the habit of buying diamonds because of the stone’s ability to mesmerize people each time they stare at it. One may get confused if diamonds really do have colors or not, but in a way, the color contributes to the beauty and vibrant look that these diamonds radiate, together wit...
Published: Sunday 16 August, 2009
Diamonds and Invisible Setting by Isaac Topic: Information
A method that is being done in order to mount a diamond in a particular setting is called invisible setting. This is done in order to make certain that the diamond is held in place by means of a framework which is not noticeable. Through this, those who sell diamonds would be capable of coming up wi...
Published: Sunday 16 August, 2009
The Carat Weight by Isaac Topic: Information
Carat is not the unit used for measuring a particular gold’s purity, but is actually the measurement used for weighing diamonds. The word carat has been used for a very long time already, which dates back to as early as the biblical times. During that period of time, this word was associated with th...
Published: Sunday 16 August, 2009
The Clarity of Diamonds by Isaac Topic: Information
Diamonds are considered to be priceless because of the uniqueness of every diamond. Certain detail such as the way the diamond has been cut contributes to the diamond’s inimitability making it truly a special gift to anyone who receives it. Clarity of a particular cut of a diamond would be evident d...
Published: Sunday 16 August, 2009
The Diamond Cut by Isaac Topic: Information
Diamonds which just got out of a mine would not look as magnificent as those diamonds found at different jewelry shops, which may even be impossible for someone to think that the diamond that was just taken out of the mine may transform to something that looks truly priceless. A lot of stages are in...
Published: Sunday 16 August, 2009
South Sea Pearls by kobi Topic: Information
It is important to understand a fundamental factor which is true for all pearls, both natural and cultured.A pearl cannot be of fine quality without good luster. To have good luster, a pearl must be made of fine, thick nacre.
Published: Wednesday 24 December, 2008
Specialty of Pearls by kobi Topic: Information
The pearl is a classic piece of jewelry suited for almost every event. The pearl is a symbol of class and nobility. The pearl radiates femininity and in the eyes of a woman - romantic. The pearl is clean, sophisticated and elegant. The pearl is of a neutral color which matches any item of clothi...
Published: Wednesday 24 December, 2008
The Quality of Pearls by kobi Topic: Information
Pearls and their quality is evaluated according to five criteria: Size – The larger the pearl, the rarer it is and the harder it is to cultivate Shine – The shinier the pearl, the higher the quality. Shape – The rounder the pearl the more expensive it is. This is because of the large demand for t...
Published: Wednesday 24 December, 2008
The Most Common Types of Cultured Pearls by Isaac Topic: Information
The first shell to grow pearls for commercial use was found many years ago in Japan. Sizes range between 2.5 mm – 10 mm. Colors vary from white to pink, light grey, light blue, creamy yellow and gold.
Published: Tuesday 23 December, 2008
Everything you wanted to Know about Diamonds by Isaac Topic: Information
Diamond cutting is a very interesting, beautiful and complicated profession. This is because no diamond two diamonds looks the same. As a diamond manufacturer of over 28 years, I will try my utmost in a nutshell to explain how a rough diamond is been cut into a beautiful polished one.
Published: Sunday 07 September, 2008
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 16 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]